Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Apology to the Seas

Brad Van Liew has an apology. A big, sad apology to the oceans. He's no softie -- he has sailed solo across vast and dangerous ocean stretches more than once. Let's call his apology deep and poignant sincerity from a man who has seen the damages, and who has had time to think about the big picture. 

"The primary message that I will try to convey to this watery world as we enter 2011 is an apology,'' Van Liew blogged on the official race site from the Southern Ocean, according to

"My message will be a hollow New Year's apology because I need to be honest with my friends down here. There is really nothing being done that will change the tide of globalization and human growth." Thanks, Brad. 

Read the full story in here.

Eco Ocean Form Letter:

Dear World's Oceans, 

Sorry for screwing up everything! Hope we can still be friends.


The Humans

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