Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Air Travel and Nature's Connection

Maybe the way to understand the connection between people and the natural world is to think of an airline flight.

There you are in your assigned seat after takeoff, seat belt fastened as per the rules, eating the paltry pack of nuts and sipping some beverage wondering about all the important things you have to wonder about.

Suddenly the seat in front of you comes back abruptly into your space.  You feel you could almost chip a tooth. Or your tray table begins to shake wildly at some point and your drink almost spills.

The person in the seat in front of you has forgotten that the back of their seat is the front of the space for you. Everything they do, from fully reclining their chair to tapping their head against their headrest, has an impact on your experience.

This is the way people are connected to nature.

The idea is not to fight it but to find a mutually-acceptable balance between your comfort and theirs.

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JenKlopp said...

a metaphor that everybody can relate to. And if you get mad at that a**hole who is interfering, remember that's probably you and me. (I am you and you are me and we are all together.)