Thursday, February 16, 2012

Germany Leads in Clean Energy

Germany is exporting clean energy to France, according to Clean Technica.

This is remarkable because only recently Germany was going to suffer in its swift and stout move to clean energy if you believed the buzz.  There were concerns of brown outs and supply problems.  Pundits speculated that the country would totally lose face and likely end up importing nuclear energy from France.  Wrong again!

Germany's model of government support and feed-in tariffs works.  A feed-in tariff guarantees any energy producer, including an individual citizen, a good price for their energy over the long term.

Germany has some of the highest solar capacity in the world with the solar exposure of Oregon.  The Germans also have the third largest wind capacity behind the US and China.

Renewable energy in Germany "works".  I put that word in quotes because the naysayers like to say otherwise.  Germany is proving them wrong.  My hope is the US can get on task and do the same. 


JenKlopp said...

Those Germans are awesome!

Signed, Klopp

Mike Misner said...

Ha ha Klopper! They are getting the job done.