Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elections Matter

If you care about healthy oceans, Ocean Champions provides a great Congressional guide for this US election across the country. 

As far as the headliners, the Presidential election, if fighting climate change and less pollution is important to you, a vote for Obama is better than a vote for Romney.  If you are unable to vote, please bear with me as I need to talk a little about this election because it is true, elections matter.

Obama is lacking in several areas when it comes to the environment, no doubt.  But Romney is unabashedly deep in the deep pockets of Big Fossil Fuel. 

The oil and gas industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to support Romney and other candidates to ensure that the status quo remains unchanged. 

This is the coveted status quo of the oil and gas industry:
  • keeping Americans addicted to fossil fuels
  • never paying for the costs to society -- health care, national security, loss of natural systems -- of their antiquated energy solutions
  • fueling media machines to convince us that Americans cannot live prosperous and happy lives without their pollution.
From where I am sitting, and I follow this closely, big fossil fuel and the candidates they support including Romney continue to do everything in their power to ensure that we do not have a clean energy future.

Please get out and vote, and vote for what you know is right.


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JenKlopp said...

Thanks for this guidance, Mike. It made me feel even better about my vote for Obama today.