Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Build the Memorable Conversation

Communications connect science and public action, sometimes.

“Building the conversation with international collaborators, the public and local communities, is becoming increasingly important in ecology. That means that developing effective conservation strategies is highly dependent upon not only my science, but my ability to engage and effectively communicate with local communities,” said Leah Gerber of Arizona State University.

If over 50% of Americans doubt climate change, the scientists AND the communicators are not doing their jobs. 

It's tough. Scientists know a lot.  They are used to talking to other scientists who speak their rarefied language.  But it is absolutely essential to make what they know accessible to regular people, especially people who will do something about it.

Accessible is the good start, next is to make it compelling and memorable, which often falls to the communicators, those professionals who fancy themselves quick of wit and sharp of quill.

Here's a bunch of great advice on how to help the non-scientist appreciate the problem, feel the urgency, and do something about it: 

Randy Olson, a PhD marine biologist, wrote a recommended book called Don't Be Such a Scientist.  Chapters include Don't be So Literal Minded and Don't be Such a Poor Storyteller.

An excellent communications consultancy, Futerra, said saving the world begins with sharing the love.  Check out their tips. 

Communications consultants and others have these very helpful  9 Tips to Communicating the Climate Challenge.

Build the memorable conversation and help save the future. 

image: centsationalgirl.com


JenKlopp said...
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JenKlopp said...

Hello Mike, I also highly recommend Olson's book - terrific advice.

Mike Misner said...

Thanks Jen. I especially like how his advice is delivered with self-depreciating humor, from a PhD marine biologist.