Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rally for Climate Change Action

I'm heading to Washington DC this Sunday (Feb 17th) to make some noise about climate change.  Getting on a bus at o dark hundred and heading south.  I'm not complaining because I know people are coming from places much farther away.  Lots of people.

Thanks to many organizations including Do the Math and the Sierra Club, thousands will rally in DC to urge Obama to give us more than those eight inauguration sentences on climate change.  Timing with President's Day harkens back to the kind of leadership Americans looked for, and can hopefully still find, in their Chief Executive.

Rallies like these can be inspiring, and certainly fun.  Here are some posters that may make it to the rally:

The World's on Fire, Where's the Bucket? 
No More Acid Coral or Hot Fish
Hot Flashes, Ok. Hot Fishes, Not so Much  (from a friend)
Give Us More than Eight Sentences
Burning the Future with Fossils

It's pretty simple: the time is now to urge Obama and all our representatives to take action on climate change.  The time is now to show that we do not need dirty energy to run our industries and prosperous lives.  Clean energy is a business not a cause, and the US should be killing it.

Take Action.  Here are 10 Ways to Fight Climate Change:

1. Come to the Rally!  Get inspired.  If you can't make it, support the rally on all your social media.  
2. Ask your Senators and Representatives to support climate action and clean energy initiatives.
3. Stop by your reps' local offices.  In-person constituents are a powerful voice.
4. Call the White House.  Yes, it's possible, and your privilege.  Tell them you support climate leadership.
5. Write local press and tell them why you support clean energy.
6. Rock your social media -- tell ppl what you're doing, what's going on, and why you care. 
7. Kill the tar sands pipeline (getting oil from tar sands is an extremely dirty process).
8. Phase out Coal, the dirtiest of the dirty.
9. Ask your school or Alma Mater to divest from the fossil fuel industry.
10. Support clean energy businesses.   


ingrid said...

Go Mike! Thank you for doing this?...

ingrid said...

Thanks for doing this Mike!