Tuesday, May 28, 2013

City Ain't Got Nothin on 300 Million Years

Recently, I went to Jamaica Bay to see horse shoe crabs in their annual mating rite.  See photos below.  Nature in the city can be an uplifting experience and sometimes it can be just what it is: wild animals trying to find a little bit of space like every urbanite.   

The beach was narrow and scattered with the asphalt remnants of a broken road.  Horse shoe crab people crowded it like a busy subway platform.  We had to be very careful not to step on the crabs, some almost completely buried in the sand. 

Note:  I snapped no photographs of a small group of people honoring their dead through a Hindu ceremony on the same small beach while one of the nature lovers yelled at them for accidentally stepping on the crabs.  Only in New York?

Their habitat.
One coming ashore to find a mate.

Prehistoric close up.

Fruits of their labor.

One was tagged elsewhere.
Art shot.

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