Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Urgent Warnings from Smart People

Stopping, if not turning around, the big tanker ship of nature's ruin is directly related to burning fossil fuels to run vehicles and produce electricity. 

It's not too late but now is the the time to act.  Don't take my word for it.  Here's some urgent warnings from sensible and smart people.

"Unless large numbers of people take appropriate steps, including supporting governmental regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, our only options will be adaptation and suffering. And the longer we delay, the more unpleasant the adaptations and the greater the suffering will be," said Lonnie Thompson, distinguished university professor in the School of Earth Sciences at Ohio State University.

“We and other living things can adapt to slower changes. It’s the unprecedented speed with which we’re changing the climate that is so worrisome,” said Michael E. Mann, a researcher at Pennsylvania State University.

"We are changing the planet in ways we are not even aware of.  You wouldn't think that putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere would change the amount of nitrogen available to fish in the ocean, but it clearly does. It is important to realize just how interconnected everything is," said Professor Eric Galbraith from McGill University's Department of Earth and Oceanic Sciences.

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