Thursday, January 16, 2014

Every Little Bit is Not Enough

"A fundamentally different economic system is required, if we are serious about avoiding dangerous climate change, based on nurturing well being rather than stoking corporate profit," Adam Corner in the The Guardian.

It's hard to beat that for nailing exactly what's going on.  Priorities are out of whack and they have been for generations.  Greed is not good, actually.

The title of his piece is Every Little Bit Helps Can be a Dangerous Mantra is provocative but also a great point.  Good people thinking that a few small "green" gestures means we're covered leads to dangerous complacency.

Climate change is probably the biggest challenge facing humanity since forever.  It really is hard to overstate it.

Scaling up dramatically to meet that challenge requires many things including awareness, courage, and determination, but it is essential to find that within ourselves and act.

Image: Brian Skerry 

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