Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Try Yes

As I recently read through the long list of comments on Bill McKibbon's Rolling Stone article about climate change, I decided to try to say yes more often.

The comments ran the gamut as you might expect.  Human nature played out ugly and beautiful around these big, complicated, and somehow emotional issues.

So many people love to show how smart they are by finding weak points or having a debate to see who's the most logical of them all.  Worst of all, some simply prefer to name the huge challenges like leaving heaps of horse crap on someone's doorstep with no shovel in sight.

It's so easy to say no and easy to feel helpless.  It's easy feel safe and informed, and often safe and misinformed, too.

So I thought: try saying yes.  Try asking yourself if burning fossil fuels is a good idea.  Is pollution really a good thing?

Bill McKibbon is helping us try to get away from pollution and fossil fuels.  He doesn't have all the answers and neither do I (no way!) or anyone really, but if you weigh the negatives of say a wind farm or solar panels -- and yes, there are negatives -- they pale in comparison to what we get with fossil fuels.

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