Friday, December 15, 2017


Pruitt Don't Give a Damn 

It's very difficult to watch wholesale greed and animosity running this country.  Right into the ground.

It just keeps coming.  The depth of it knows no limits.  I thought I was surprised in the past.  Now I'm just incredulous, and bitter.

The latest is the Republican tax bill stands to seriously damage the solar and wind industry by undermining or eliminating effective incentives. 

It's a fast growing industry that generates millions of jobs and great innovation.  It’s finally upgrading something that hasn't changed in 90 years -- how we make electricity, which is the juice that runs our world.

The tax bill shoved through by grinning thugs will take that away and make steadily more affordable renewable energy unaffordable.

It's almost out of spite at this point.  The fossil fuel industry has 96% of the market share of power plants' fuel yet they still rag like the hypocrites they are about fair markets.

I wonder, did Standard Oil get tax breaks to get the industry going?  Did Ford Motor Co. get support from the government to get that industry going?  Of course they did.

The fossil fuel industry already receives over $564 billion in subsidies annually and untold influence -- the U.S. Secretary of State is the former CEO of Exxon-Mobil -- and they want to kill renewable energy.  Really?

And Pruitt EPA head snake says without a hint of sarcasm but full bore disingenuousness, “I’d let them (renewable energy) stand on their own and compete against coal and natural gas.”

They're killing this country.  We used to be a country that could build things, create new industries, jobs, prosperity, and overcome huge challenges.  We used to do great things like send a man to the moon.  Now we are forced to accept the status quo, shoved down our throats.

All because a few companies and a few shareholders want to continue to make billions the rest of the people and the climate be damned.  Greed is not good Gordon Gekko, after all.

The Politicians get paid, egos stroked, coffers stuffed, and we go hurtling toward the end of a once great nation, and an eventually uninhabitable planet. 

Also, the tax bill opens up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.  That’s just dirty.  Kicking you when you're already down.  Remember when we had to fight that?  We just fell back decades.  We know better.  Leave it in the ground.

This is a disaster.  The Trump Republican bomb has gone off and it's a dirty bomb, designed to rot us out slowly.  Money is the only thing that matters. 

The Kochs, Mobil-Exxon, Peabody Coal, and more must be giddy.  This is an oligarch run by sociopaths.  They don't care.  They don't care one wit about this country or the beautiful masses that make it great.

Hell, when the shit hits the fan they can go live in their gated communities and gaudy towers.  That's probably what they're thinking.  I'm hoping for the day they are pulled out of those places and strung up by their ankles.

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