Thursday, August 19, 2010

Brainiac 5 Will Save the Earth

Shout out to all the Brainiac 5s out there working on some great green ideas. Brainiac 5 is a DC Comics character who, you guessed it, is supersmart. He helped save the earth at least a dozen times.

Now real Brainiac 5's creative solutions include batteries from nanotubes and plants engineered to turn into fuel, according to a New York Times article by Matthew Wald. The story is not likely a comprehensive survey of all that's going on, but it is a good glance at some clever ideas. Also, great to see the US Government is providing financial support. It would be nice to see much more support, but it's a good start.

What does this have to do with Eco Ocean? These are the steps toward a renewable energy economy and away from the fossil fuel economy that Eco Ocean harps on. Climate change has many negative impacts on the oceans and its inhabitants so this is a bit of optimism after ongoing bad news about the Gulf oil plumes (Monday's post) and dying corals (yesterday's post). A little splash of cold water on a hot August day. 

Read the whole story here, including good explanations of how these things work.

Image courtesy of DC Comics

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