Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where's the Punch Line?

Maybe he can do a better job

Last night, Jon Stewart did a piece called "I Give Up" in reference to the insipid partisan shenanigans going on in the US Congress. The specifics were around how both sides, Democrats and Republicans, couldn't pass a bill to provide medical assistance to those first responders on 9/11. The bit was funny, as usual, but as he acknowledged, it was also depressingly pathetic. It almost drained all the irony. These elected officials are running our country like it's a game.  It's a joke without a punch line.

Recently, a friend of mine succinctly dismissed the entire lot of them, the US Congress, as clowns. There was no vitriol or anger in his voice. It was just his assessment -- a very even-headed, well educated, highly informed, intelligent person.

Now I see Congress has postponed any Climate legislation until after their month-long vacation. It's so frustrating. Ever hear of the term "strike while the iron is hot". With the Gulf disaster still in mind, seems like an ideal time to move on some serious legislation that moves us off the petroleum economy and closer to a renewable energy economy. There's no time for delay. It's no joke, well, maybe it is and we, the American people, are the punch line.

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