Thursday, May 12, 2011

Get Connected

"Danny, be the ball, be the ball." Ty Webb (Chevy Chase), Caddyshack

An ongoing theme at Eco Ocean is understanding and appreciating that we are connected to nature rather than separate from it. All together on this one big beautiful blue marble flying through cold dark space we are.

The thinking goes that if this is accomplished, if we begin to see this interconnectedness, we would treat the planet differently, i.e. better.

Call it an epiphany. Ed Gillispie of Futerra Communications does. An Eco Epiphany, actually. Interesting that a word borrowed from organized religion is perfect here.

Ed, a former marine biologist, writes about it eloquently and passionately in his blog: 

“Your body contains up to 100 trillion cells and is connected with everything around you and the wider world in a wonderfully complex and timeless system. You share your atoms with every being and object in the natural world, you are both ancient and inconceivably young,” he writes.

"This is not some hippy nonsense. It’s science. And personally I find it enormously inspiring. Is it too much to think that telling this ‘greatest story ever told’  will always fall on deaf ears? That eco-epiphanies are impossible? That the incredible wonders of where we really come from and where we live can’t influence or change the way we relate to each other and our planet? Maybe, maybe not…but for me at least this awareness and understanding provides more than a quantum of solace."


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