Friday, August 19, 2011

Fish Fiesta

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

A success story emerges out of the abyss.

Ok, that's a tad dramatic but it is refreshing to see that Cabo Pulmo National Park, a marine park near Mexico's Baja Peninsula, rebounded from an overfished and depleted swath of sea to a place full of healthy marine life since commercial fishing was outlawed.

The key to success though was not simply outlawing fishing but "a combination of social (strong community leadership, social cohesion, effective enforcement) and ecological factors," according to a group of scientists' report on Plos One

This means that the no-take rules were actually enforced and that fishermen adopted ecotourism, which is more lucrative anyway, according to National Geographic.

In usual blow-your-mind colors and images, National Geographic's cameras caught the healthy diversity as shown here and here

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