Thursday, August 18, 2011

Not Yet Too Late

Choice words with a sliver of hope from Michael Conathan, the Director of Ocean Policy at American Progress.

"...marine advocates have to make a concerted effort to convince and continually remind Americans that despite what they see on vacation, the oceans are not OK.
To put it in terms Washington can understand today, healthy oceans mean healthy economies. And if we ignore the warnings the ocean is trying to send, we risk losing more than just our vacation spots.

Whether you’re a scientist, a fisherman, an amateur wave rider, or a sunbaked builder of drip castles, or even if you've never laid eyes on the ocean, we are all invested in the survival of the mysterious, churning frontier that feeds the world, generates the very oxygen we breathe, and carries the commerce that sustains our own species.

These are the stakes, and while it's not yet too late, the time to act is running out."

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