Thursday, September 8, 2011

Offshore Desperation Fueled by an Old Nemeisis

Oil slicks were spotted in the Gulf of Mexico near the Deepwater Horizon disaster. What's this? Could be nothing was about than a year ago when scientists and boaters could not find much of the millions of gallons of spilled crude oil.

Did it really just disappear or is it suspended in some current or part of some phenomenon we have yet to understand? That remains unanswered.

One of the main reasons for the possibility that we did dodge a bullet in the Gulf of Mexico was the depth of the spill and the warm temperature of the water.

Drilling in the Arctic, as Russia and ExxonMobil have recently lustily agreed, may very well not be so lucky. Certainly the water temperature will not be on our side.

Seems like more desperate acts to feed our addiction to oil while the fossil fuel industry continues to spend millions of dollars to lobby against renewable energy and pollution controls.

Guess we knew that greed is a fantastic motivator but that does not mean we have to abide it.

Meanwhile, China and other nations are leaving us in their wake as they develop full fledged renewable energy economies.

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