Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PleaseTry Again Diana Nyad

Diana Nyad
The long distance swimmer Diana Nyad tried again to swim from Cuba to Florida but had to quit after 40 hours in the water. She was stung by Portuguese Man of War jellyfish so badly she could have died.

But this story is inspiring. Nyad should not be disappointed. She should be proud she tried, and I hope she tries again.

The simple power of the oceans is clearly a theme to take from this story -- if not the currents, if not the sharks, if not the swells, then the jellyfish -- but let's not miss the blazing power of the human spirit.

The drive, the will, the ability to do things so many said could not be done. At least even to try. It's the same spirit we need to tap in parts big and small to move to the renewable energy economy and to ensure healthy seas.

Please try again Diana Nyad, you rock.

Photo from the Associated Press.

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