Friday, January 6, 2012

Light is Life

Light is life. Sunlight hits water and tiny organisms make food from the energy of that star in our sky, and away we go.

There is no doubt something magical about light in water, the way it moves, dazzles, captures us all with a basic beauty. 

The ocean carries this even farther with this fascinating fact from a recent story about Dr. Edith Widder's efforts to use the gift of animals creating light -- bioluminescence -- to detect pollution.

"Over a career spanning almost 30 years, Dr. Widder has made hundreds of dives in deep-sea submersibles to study the remarkable number and diversity of animals that make light. This ability, called bioluminescence, is strikingly common, shared by as many as 90 percent of the creatures in the open ocean."

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JenKlopp said...

beautiful post. Thanks for brightening up my day!