Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look to the Land to Save the Oceans

In New Zealand, another marine reserve full of fat and happy fish shows the benefits of giving nature a break.  Divers frequenting the Taputeranga Marine Reserve have noticed fish and other sea life becoming bigger since its formation in 2008, according to the Dominion Post.

While these successes are to be celebrated -- the more reserves the better -- there is a bigger picture at work. 

In order to save the oceans, terrestrial threats need to be targeted.  Burning fossil fuels makes ocean water more acidic.  This change in the water's basic chemistry is harmful, even deadly, to much of the life that calls it home.

No number of patrols guarding marine reserves, no amount of educating people who feed off the benefits of the marine reserve, and no number of conservation groups dedicated to marine reserves can protect them from the umbrella impact of stuffing the air with excess carbon.

It is a little odd but it is the reality -- look to the land to save the oceans.  That's where people are burning most of the fossil fuels to make electricity and to run cars and trucks. 

There is good news out there as clean energy is making major gains and fewer citizens are buying the fossil fuel industry's lie that we cannot have jobs and prosperity without pollution.  I hope we keep the momentum going if for nothing else than all the beautiful and diverse marine reserves out there.

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