Thursday, April 26, 2012

Clean Energy is Conservation

Every conservation organization should make supporting clean energy Job One and many are.  Naveen Jain on Green Tech Media says it like this:

"While I do believe these acts (conservation successes) are commendable, I also hope that they don’t lead people to sit back with great pride and self-adoration, thinking they’ve done their part. I firmly believe that conservation alone will do little to save our planet."

Major impacts on the planet like climate change happen on a planetary scale -- that means no matter how many marine reserves or pristine wildernesses are set aside safe from all the typical human impacts, we cannot keep climate change out anymore than we can control the weather.

Ocean acidification and ocean warming will happen in those marine reserves.  Less rain may get to that forest preserve, or certain species will crush biodiversity when climate change suddenly gives them an ecological edge.  There are countless scenarios and one common denominator: climate change will effect them. 

That's why every conservation organization in the world should make supporting clean energy job one and many are.  That's also why innovation in clean technology is what Jain says will save us.

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