Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will We Change?

I like the way Jayaseelan Naidoo, a former anti apartheid activist, gives us a simple question about how we care for the Earth in a recent Huffintgon post. 

He's writing about a visit to Baja California, near the Sea of Cortez, a truly inspiring place with heartbreaking beauty.

"Paulina and Judith were with their sons; beautiful boys, carefree and confident running along the beautiful coast with us. Curious, they would bring back shells, a strange prawn like creature from the sea. We were going to the spot where sharks were mating. They clamored over the huge boulders at ease. This was their land; their legacy. I thought about the selfishness of my generation. Will we change our lifestyle even if we know that we are robbing these innocent children of their legacy?"  He wrote.

As Baja Life Foundation states "there are too many people who consume too much, who have limited knowledge of the fragile marine biosphere and who do not recognize the value of the Earth's natural resources."

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