Friday, August 10, 2012

Clean Energy Optimism Includes Urgency

The good news is that Americans on both sides of the aisle and the money guys support clean energy investments but necessary urgency seems lacking.  This is from Richard Kaufman, who as senior adviser to the secretary of energy ought to know.

"We can be optimistic because most Americans support investments in clean energy...But while reasons remain to be hopeful about the progress of the industry, there are serious headwinds that could have a significant impact on America's clean energy industry, and we cannot be complacent...75 percent of U.S. government support programs -- including the 1705 loan guarantee program, the 1603 program to provide tax grants in lieu of tax credits and the Production Tax Credit -- have expired or are set to expire soon.

Throughout our country's history -- from aviation to agriculture, from biotechnologies to computer technologies -- the federal government has supported the private sector to keep the United States at the technological forefront of important industries. To seize the clean energy opportunity, we must do so again - and we must act now.

I can tell you firsthand, the clean energy industry in the U.S. is able and prepared to produce real energy for American consumers," according to him on Huffington Post.


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