Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cat is Really Out of the Bag

A recent study reinforces what hundreds of scientists have been saying for years and goes a step farther by directly connecting ongoing heat in Texas to humans pumping greenhouse gases like carbon into the air.

"The change is so drastic, the paper says, that scientists can claim with near certainty that events like the Texas heat wave last year, the Russian heat wave of 2010 and the European heat wave of 2003 would not have happened without the planetary warming caused by the human release of greenhouse gases," according to the New York Times article entitled Study Finds More of Earth is Hotter and Says Global Warming is at Work.

So we are changing the planet and it's not a good thing.

The good thing is now no one needs any reason to avoid climate change or deny climate change.  Accept it.  It feels better anyway to just accept it.  But remember it's not a faith, it's science, just as clean energy is a business, not a cause.

It actually makes life simpler.  The two most common ways people pump greenhouse gases into the air are through electricity use and driving.  Much of the electricity in the US is generated from burning fossil fuels, which emits greenhouse gases.

If greenhouse gases are causing damage to the planet, emit fewer greenhouse gases. 

How to do that:
  • Drive a hybrid, ride a bike
  • Seek out alternative, renewable electricity in your house or apt (many utilities now offer programs to choose the source of your electricity -- choose renewables)
  • Make your home energy efficient
  • Put solar panels on your home if you can
  • Use green data (online information stored at a company that is green or mostly green)
  • Support clean energy businesses
  • Vote for clean energy
  • Know the issues, read the science, be informed
  • Donate to non profits who are trying to move us faster to the green energy economy
  • Tell everyone you know that this is the real deal and ask them to be a part
When you tire of thinking about this, or tire of feeling badly that you are complicit in this whole mess, just keep trying to be part of the solution because it's the right thing to do.

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