Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We Need the Renewable Tax Credit

Act now to support wind energy -- tell your senators and representatives to extend the production tax credit for renewable energy.  It takes 30 seconds.

Three good reasons to extend the credit:  jobs, fairness, and clean air.

Without government support like the tax credit, Americans (including me) stand to lose wind power jobs.

I market wind power on the streets of New York City.  I would like to continue to do so but the small company I work for is treading water in the on-again off-again uncertainty of much needed government support.  Some American turbine manufacturing plants facing an end to government support have let people go

One of the common questions I get from people on the streets when I market wind power is: why isn't there more wind or solar available?

We're trying, but the deck is stacked against clean energy in favor of fossil fuels.

It's not like the renewable energy business is asking for anything that fossil fuelers didn't get or continue to receive.

The federal commitment to [oil and gas] was five times greater than the federal commitment to renewables during the first 15 years of each [incentive's] life, and it was more than 10 times greater for nuclear, according to a report from DBL investors. 

The fossil fuel industry continues to receive millions of dollars in subsidies.  This money goes to companies like Exxon-Mobil who netted $40 billion in 2010.  It's kind of laughable only the joke is on us.

Beyond subsidies, if the true cost of fossil fuels -- health costs, national security costs, cost to valuable natural systems -- was reflected at the pump or meter, renewables would be the obvious choice. 

Then there's something we can all relate to -- clean air.  I'd like my air and the air of my friends and family to be clean as we run our lives on renewable, pollution-free energy.

So if any of these things interest you -- jobs, fairness, and clean air -- then please sign the petition and support the renewable tax credit.

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