Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy World Oceans Day...Whoopeee

Happy World Oceans Day. Given the Gulf disaster, celebrating today is like having your birthday fall on the day you break up with your boyfriend, or celebrating a big anniversary on the day you get word that an old friend with whom you have lost contact has passed away.

With ninety seven percent (that phrase was a contender for this blog's name) of the Earth covered in saltwater, there are plenty of things to celebrate on World Oceans Day. It's hard to think of those things though, when the Gulf just won't stop bleeding.

As I attempt to walk the line between optimism and reality, I hope a collective rage does not turn to acceptance, followed closely by its insidious cousin -- apathy. Rage is a powerful motivator and could push people to do what they can to build a green energy economy. I wouldn't want people to write off the Gulf as gone, a done deal, as we look to cheer ourselves up by considering the hundreds of ocean places across the blue orb that are full of life and wonder. But human beings can only take so much negativity, and yes, those places are worth celebrating.

So, send an e-card to celebrate World Oceans day courtesy of our friends at the Nature Conservancy.

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