Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In Case You Missed It -- the Time is Now

Did you see President Obama's Oval Office speech about the Gulf tonight?

The second half of his speech was the best because he talked directly about accelerating our transition to the clean energy economy.  Nothing particularly eloquent or dramatic or profound but actually exciting for anyone looking for a better future and an end to America's addiction to petroleum.

"The most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now."

Lots of people will say that's just talk, let's see the plan, something tangible, but part of the job of leaders is to talk about the big ideas, to inspire, and to throw down the challenge to everyone.

"I make that commitment now tonight"

"political courage"

"the clean energy future is now"

"act now"

it is a matter of "national security, our economy, and our environment"

That last phrase comes with great potential. The clean energy economy has value propositions within the above 3 categories, categories that appeal to different kinds of people, and that may get us there.

You don't like the US's vulnerability to foreign fossil fuels (we consume over 20% and produce less than 2%)? The clean energy economy can happen domestically.

You don't like young Americans dying in the name of petroleum dressed up as democracy and stability? Clean energy economy.

You don't like the US losing its global edge to China (China invests already 6 times more than the US in clean energy)? Clean energy economy.

You don't like climate change and/or the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystems? Clean energy.

This is not some far off dream. This is not a fantasy. It's very real and it's now.

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