Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Complacency

Good story on CNN about a famous New Orleans chef suing BP. Shout out to Susan Spicer, the chef filing the suit.

This is just one consequence of BP's catastrophe, and America's addiction to petroleum.

This comes on Day 69, when a third of the fisheries are closed, thousands of turtle eggs are being dug up and moved, and anywhere from 35,000 barrels, or 1.5 m gallons, to 60,000 barrels, or about 2.5 m gallons, are still pouring into the water everyday.

And the way it's looking now, BP is deferring to the relief wells in August rather than talking about a full solution before then. Let's see, relief wells in early August, about 32 plus more days of that undersea petroleum geyser pumping unabated. By the way, that timeline is IF the current operations are NOT interrupted by a storm. It's storm season in the Gulf.

No room for complacency.

See the whole CNN lawsuit story here:

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