Wednesday, July 7, 2010

BP in Charge of Assessing their Own Damage

Good story about BP in the henhouse. These are the kind of things that tend to slip under the radar but should not. BP is in control of how the $500 million science fund on assessing environmental damage in the Gulf will be and is being spent. This seems like the definition of a conflict of interest. Seems the US Government agreed to this arrangement.

Jeff Short, a former NOAA scientist who's with the conservation group Oceana, said it best:

He said that by insisting that BP pay for the research, the government is ceding control over what studies are conducted.

"I find myself wondering, why would BP want to guide money into projects that would clearly show much larger environmental damage than would have come to light otherwise?" he said.

Read the full story here, from the McClatchy Newspapers. Story by Renee Schoof.

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