Friday, July 16, 2010

Break Out the Bubbly?

I could nearly hear the collective sigh as the news came that BP's gushing undersea well has been stopped. As of today, no more oil is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

This is "cautiously optimistic" at its best. Nearly everyone I read or heard talking about the new cap used that phrase in one way or another, with many reminding us that the relief wells, the works in progress due in August, are the only sure thing.

Many people simply don't believe the well has really been capped or that it will hold having completely lost their trust in BP and the government. Some take a darker view. "It's like putting a Band-Aid on a dead man," said one Gulf resident, according to the New York Times.

This is a small victory, yes, and I feel the relief, but I'm also hesitant to actually be happy about it. Perhaps people like me are psychically scarred by the demoralizing helplessness and the relentless geyser of bad news over the past nearly three months. Plus, there's the millions of gallons of toxic petroleum still in the water.
Hate to be the buzz kill but BP's disaster is leagues from over.

At least for now -- today -- the flow has stopped and if anything, the engineers proved that they actually could stop it. I guess it's not time to break out the bubbly, but then again, will there ever be a right time to do so with this disaster?

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