Friday, July 2, 2010

Desperate Acts in the Gulf

Do you Rent a U Haul?

How do you move thousands of sea turtle eggs? Very carefully. But it's not funny!

This is another one of those good stories, sad stories, mad stories. People are moving thousands of sea turtle eggs out of the way of BP's toxic onslaught.

It's hopeful, a feel good story -- so why don't I feel good? It's sad that we even have to do this. This desperate act is the result of man's folly not a natural threat, like a hurricane. You'd think we could stop what we started. It's maddening.

Too many questions, no time. Smart people who care about sea turtles and the natural world admit they're "tinkering" with nature and would never do this unless they had to. Turtles have amazing natural abilities to find their way in the vast oceans. They hatch and set out on massive journeys, and return to the same beach years later to lay eggs. What happens when we move them before they're even born? They just re-set their GPS?

I'm glad we're saving the sea turtles, one of my favorite creatures actually, but mad as hell at BP.  

Here's two stories about moving the turtle eggs (it's getting a lot of good press):

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