Friday, September 10, 2010

China to Join Western Nations in Exploiting the Oceans

China, with over a billion people and thousands of miles of coast, looms over the ocean's future. So it's good news that the Chinese government is part of the United Nation's Pacem in Maribus (Latin for Peace in the Oceans) Conference as noted on

The level of engagement is a yet to be seen of course, and this sentence is either a victim of translation or truth telling: "Li said China would attach great importance to conservation on the marine ecosystems in the process of exploiting marine resources, and actively develop the green marine economy."

Maybe they are just being honest as to say we're going to take the oceans for everything they've got and only stop short with a few minimal conservation measures when it seems politically beneficial. Why not? That seems to be Western governments' modus operandi (Latin for let's rape the sea) for the past fifty years at least. Ok, too cynical. But the UN. Really? They're like a real estate agent with nothing to sell.

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