Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ocean Links Us All

Good to hear another group of citizens from all walks of life are teaming together to protect the oceans, specifically the waters around the Savannah, Georgia area. As Eco Ocean likes to say, the oceans deserve and need all the help they can get.

The story is pretty dry overall but small gems like this quote from one of the participants shines through:  "The ocean links us all," said Paul Root Wolpe, a bioethicist who directs the Emory Center for Ethics at Emory University, according to the Savannah Morning News

How does the ocean link us all? Evolution tells us we all came from the ocean and it's where life began, the so-called primordial soup. It's clear that ecosystems and organism are interconnected and the connection does not end at the surf line. And it's pretty obvious that we are all drawn to the sea, for a sunset, for a swim, just to stare off, and maybe for reasons we don't even know.

Something to ponder on a rainy and pensive Tuesday (in the Northeast US anyway).

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Photo courtesy of My Caraven of Dreams

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