Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shark Attackees Say Save the Sharks

Shark attack victims in support of shark conservation and protection. There's something dramatic in that, something compelling, human. There must be because they get good press, which is great for sharks and for the oceans. Let's hope it gets people to take notice. Hopefully people will say 'if these people who were bitten by sharks are saying they must be saved, maybe I should listen'.

Good quote from one of the victims, Debbie Salamone, from a CBS news story. "When you think about these statistics, it's very frightening for the health of our oceans. And so we need to end finning. We need to halt the fishing for these threatened and near-threatened species. And we need countries to come up with good global shark conservation plans to have some limits on shark fishing. Because there are no limits right now."

Shout out to Debbie and the other shark attack victims speaking on behalf of sharks. Nice work.

According to the story, 30 percent of all shark species are near extinction and about 70 million sharks are killed each year. Another figure out there is 100 million killed. They're killed mainly for their fins, for Shark Fin Soup, an Asian delicacy. Something as simple as soup is wreaking havoc on marine ecosystems and destroying whole species. That's a tragedy.

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JenKlopp said...

Peter Benchley, who has etched the image of the shark in the public's imagination as a merciless man-eater (which great whites are by nature), has regretted the effect Jaws had on the hunting of all sharks.