Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Energy Independence Saves the Seas & Americans

Face it, some people need reasons other than biodiversity and beauty and common sense to move to a clean energy economy. Here's two words for them: Energy independence. Don't sell it as anything but that. Except for maybe saving American lives. The US military agrees and they're already looking furiously for better ways to power their armies.

"In 2008, we sent $386 billion overseas to pay for oil — much of it going to nations that wish us harm...It puts us in the untenable position of funding both sides of the conflict and directly undermines our fight against terror," said Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, retired Deputy Chief of Naval Warfare Requirements and Programs10 in a recent National Wildlife Federation report on offshore wind. 

Energy independence frees us from having to send anymore young Americans to die simply so we can control our access to that precious black gold, the source of our addiction.

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