Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Green Drinks a Tonic for the Bad News

On a really frigid night in the city, Green Drinks NY recently threw their holiday party in New York City. The event was packed and people were in good spirits. Green Drinks monthly puts "green" people in the same room to network, mingle, and hear what some people and organizations are doing in and around the green world. It's highly recommended for anyone.

The theme this month was ocean conservation so I was particularly excited. Many exemplary organizations attended including Oceana, Shark Savers, and Plant a Fish. We heard from Fabian Cousteau, grandson of the one and only, and from David De Rothschild, who built and sailed the Plastiki to bring attention to the disgusting onslaught of plastics in the ocean environment. He highlighted the 5 Gyres, which alone should make anyone reconsider their use of single use plastics.

If you don't like the words "network" or "mingle" try "inspiration" because one of the best things about Green Drinks is the opportunity to be inspired by what other people are doing. It is also easy to come away deeply encouraged -- despite all the bad news out there around green issues -- by all these generally like-minded people fighting the battles on land and sea that need to be fought. There's camaraderie in the air, like one big team.

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