Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Energy Independence Now

The headline today is that oil prices are rising because of political turmoil thousands of miles away. The stock market is tumbling. Just what Americans need while still recovering from the recession, trying to pay bills, put food on the table, and stay employed.

Can't we see that we're hostages to big oil? They have their fat, sweaty fingers clasped around our economic and national security necks.

Imagine if we did not have to live like this. If we had other ways to run our cars and our economy. This is what energy independence is all about.

How do we free ourselves? Get off the petroleum economy and embrace a clean energy economy. Don't listen to the ominous sounds from those who make money off petroleum, or the politicians who stuff their wallets with big oil's dirty money.

Focus our patriotism on helping America establish a renewable energy economy, one that includes jobs and our legacy of innovation. 

There will be growing pains, it will not happen overnight, but America needs to move as fast as possible to a renewable energy economy for so many good reasons. We can do it.


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