Monday, February 21, 2011

Trust in a Name?

Sometimes the challenge does not come from the faceless and nameless minions consuming unsustainable seafood or busy being addicted to petroleum. Sometimes it's all in a name.

In particularly devious fashion, the Partnership for Sustainable Oceans (PSO) hides their real motives and goals behind a name that implies they care about healthy oceans. At least that's what some respectable conservationists are saying. 

PSO, a front group for foreign fishing equipment interests, has filed a lawsuit to stop the implementation of California's landmark effort to protect its oceans, according to an editorial by Richard Chandler of Defenders of Wildlife on California Progress

He continues: It is sad and unfortunate that foreign corporations now are funding a meritless lawsuit to kill California's bipartisan ocean protection plan that has been supported by two Governors, the Legislature, the Fish&Game Commission, business leaders, and tens of thousands of Californians.

For their part, PSO seems to be associated with a campaign named Keep America Fishing, which targets recreational anglers. Seems innocent and reasonable enough but hard to tell with editorials like Chandler's and others accusing PSO of serious offenses.

The Something's Fishy site by the California League of Conservation Voters refers to PSO as such:  

Funded by fishing equipment manufacturers that profit from overfishing and overharvesting sea life, PSO backers are trying to stop Florida’s efforts to protect the manatee, they support the killing of sea lions in California…and now have turned their attention to blocking protection of California’s coastal marine life.

So maybe PSO does stink, and cannot be trusted, starting with their name.

Read the whole Richard Chandler editorial here.

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