Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yes, Appeal to Human Emotions

Admit it, I'm darn cute.
 J Wallace, marine biologist, is right. He says speaking to emotions to spur conservation is best in a Smart Planet piece that asks the question: Will Appealing to Human Emotions Save the Environment?

The answer is yes. People will protect what they love. That's why David Helvarg of Blue Frontier Campaign tells people to go to the beach to protect the oceans. It's also a great excuse to hit the sand.

Successful conservation campaigns from the past support this. The fluffy, snowy white Harp Seals or the cuddly-looking Pandas were just too cute to let go. Conservation biologists call these charismatic animals precisely because they evoke positive emotions by their appearance alone.

It is what Futerra concluded in their Branding Biodiversity research -- "presenting the awe and fascination and yes, love, of nature is more effective at stirring positive action and inspiring people than any other methods, especially doom and gloom."

That's why Eco Ocean says Share the Love & Save the World.

Read the lovely Smart Planet post with J Wallace.

Photo credit: treehugger.com

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