Friday, April 22, 2011

Enjoy Nature

Everyday is Earth Day, but today is the official day. It's a good day to take a moment and ponder how you are connected to nature. Go find some nature, and enjoy it.

We know life came from the oceans. We hear the Earth is one big, interconnected system with for example, dust storms in North Africa impacting reefs in the Caribbean, and horseshoe crab eggs in Delaware fueling birds on their way to the Artic.

We know that hospital patients with even a view out their window of something green, a tree or bushes even, recover faster than patients with no such view.

But what's your individual connection? Chances are like many people you just know that you enjoy it, that even a few moments in nature, in the woods, along a beach, on a river, leave you somehow refreshed, maybe even energized, probably smiling.

How do you enjoy nature?

Have a good day.

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