Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Support Clean Energy Not for Eco Reasons

There are many solid reasons to support clean energy that have nothing to do with climate change or the environment.

Support clean energy for American economic growth and power. Do it because America should not settle for third place. Do it because we are not ones to miss out on a golden opportunity.

According to Phyllis Cuttino of the Pew Institute, "Germany, which has long had a stable, ambitious and comprehensive clean energy policy, saw investments in the sector grow by 100 percent to $41.2 billion in 2010, a funding level that displaced the United States from second place among the G-20 nations.

Last year, China replaced America as the top destination for clean energy investment. In fact, the $54.4 billion invested in China's clean energy sector last year was an all-time record for a single country - equal to all the dollars invested globally in 2004.

The trends are anything but encouraging for the United States. Even though clean energy investment here increased by more than 50 percent in 2010, we are not keeping pace with key G-20 competitors - six other nations saw investments grow at a faster rate last year."

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