Monday, April 18, 2011

What the Frack is Going On?

Many people question hydrofracking, the method of getting natural gas out of shale by injecting a cocktail of toxic chemicals into the ground. The chemicals can and have contaminated drinking water. The most recent questioners were a group of Senators.

Carl Safina, author and scientist, said it well in his recent Huffington post:

Can it really be preferable to go after oil in miles-deep pools beneath brutal open ocean, gas sources requiring fracturing bedrock and fundamentally jeopardizing groundwater, coal deposits that require blowing mountains apart, tar sand whose extraction destroys forests and kills rivers, and other abominations previously considered beyond the pale when we could harness the sunlight that drives all life, the algae that power the whole ocean (petroleum is mostly algae that's been naturally simmering for millions of years), the heat of the earth, and the force of the tides? “

Come on people, these are desperate acts. It is the crackhead killing a hard working mother of two for the three dollars in her purse so he can get a fix.

Let’s move beyond this. Embrace real progress and innovation and be free from the fossil fuel shackles.

I thought this was an ocean blog? It is. The planet is one big blue marble and climate change impacts everything including all that blue we love so much.

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