Monday, June 13, 2011

Clover Reaches People

Clover is a tough survivor. She's an older sea turtle and she's missing flippers. Yet she still makes it back to the same Florida beach annually as turtles do.

Once spotted, she gets help from a crew of people who have been waiting for her, and who dig a hole for her to lay her eggs.

An endearing story, yes, but also informative for anyone who has ever tried to communicate the need to save the oceans, or the environment, in general:  It was the second most popular story on CNN for hours when it ran.

People respond to these kinds of stories. Even if the story of a turtle referenced in the first person complete with a pet name should make scientists and serious environmental folks cringe or blush, we should wake up. As the brilliant idealists at Futerra have told us -- humanizing and personalizing the natural world goes farther and longer than doom and gloom.

The most popular story at that time? Unfortunately, the most popular story tells a different, sad story of humanity but we don't need to go into that. Second place is great even if it is to a not-so-great actor and his personal issues.

Read all about Clover here.

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