Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Few Ways to Celebrate Oceans Day

Everyday is Oceans Day but to celebrate this official day, I'd say go to the ocean.

But many of us regrettably cannot do that so instead celebrate the ocean by taking ten seconds to ponder all the great times you've had in and around the oceans. As simple as a barefoot walk on a breezy stretch to a dive off an undersea wall on the precipice of the deep dark blue.

Ponder the oceans in the same way this blind person at a US Congressional hearing spoke of  the Alaskan wilderness:

"I may never visit the North Slope of Alaska, and I will certainly never see its wilderness, but just to know such a place exists fills my soul with hope."

Go ahead, fill your soul with hope. I dare you.  At least have a good day, anyway.

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