Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fossil Fueled Thinking Holds Us Back

Trilobites in Washington

This is  a prime example of fossil fueled thinking that is the opposite of innovation and progress, not to mention clean air and water. 

The US Navy solves a vulnerability by using alternatives to petroleum to run its jets, yet high-ranking politicians like Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma immediately shoot it down. 

Inhofe tried to use the excuse of costs for denying the Navy at a recent committee hearing but still could not help his completely unscientific, climate denial-paranoia from bubbling to the surface.

The Pentagon "should not be wasting time perpetrating President Obama's global warming fantasies or his ongoing war on affordable energy,"  he said, according to Seacoastonline.

Wasting time?  I suppose he has not noticed we are pretty much running out of time.

Global warming fantasies?  Seems the only fantasy here is Inhofe wishing it would all go away.  He and his fossil fuel cronies could get back to making piles of cash at the expense of the health and well being of Americans everywhere, including the US soldiers who are put in harm's way to protect our dependence on fossil fuels and the thousands of American children suffering from pollution-induced asthma. 

Affordable energy?  The US recently paid $100 million per month to ship fuel to troops in Afghanistan.  That's $400 per gallon, people. 

By the way, Inhofe is the guy who built an igloo on the Capitol lawn a few years ago and stuck a sign on it that read: "Honk if you love global warming!" 

So maybe he's just not a serious person and is willing to make jokes about drought and ocean acidification. 

But you would hope that by now someone, maybe his staff, would help him open his eyes and see stacks and stacks of peer reviewed scientific data that show that human-caused climate change is already here, and its symptoms, including extreme weather, are all around us.  Then again, fossilized thinking is pretty much by definition set in stone.

What to do?

1. Support clean energy
2. Tell Inhofe what you think about fossil fuels
3. Tell your own representatives in Washington

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