Monday, July 23, 2012

Reason to Smile at the Wal Mart Greeter

I've got serious reservations about mega stores including the ultimate: Wal Mart. 

The impact on the local economy, on small businesses, labor practices, and the aesthetics play into these notions.  Maybe it's simply the sense of emptiness, walking around lost in the massive fluorescent box carrying misgivings about the elderly greeter being paid to say hello to me. 

But megas can also move markets and single-handedly make a positive impact.  When they decide to buy sustainable fish for instance, their draw alone moves fisheries to fish with the future in mind.

Plus, they have piles of cash and Wal Mart recently donated some of that -- $71 million -- to conservation efforts including nearly half to marine conservation.

That's pretty sweet and surely enough to garner a smile for the greeter and wish them a nice day right backatcha.

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