Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wide Eyed Oceans by the Numbers

As we begin to see the monetary value of the oceans, the numbers are eye opening.

Thanks to a very easy-to-read Infographic from the Global Partnership for the Oceans, we have some more ocean numbers. 

Lots of good stuff here but what caught my eye was:
  • Eco tourism related to reefs is worth $9 billion 
  • $2.2 trillion lost to fisheries mismanagement 
  • 350 million jobs linked to oceans globally
Aren't the oceans priceless you might say?  Sure, yes, of course, to me and many others that's a given but ocean lovers sometimes have to speak the language of business and government to help save what we hold so dearly.  

Check out the totally cool graphic here.

Image: photodune.net

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