Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Five Ways to a Clean Energy Future

We've been talking about clean energy must-haves for awhile. 

Nicely, Riverview Consulting has placed them in a list of (paraphrasing here) five ways to a clean energy future in the US. 

I've condensed and simplified them below but the original report, US Falling Behind in Renewable Energy, is worth a read.  

Five Ways to a Clean Energy Future:

1.  Phase out the creation of dirty electricity from fossil fuels.  Don't believe the hype: The US can be a prosperous and robust nation without such pollution.

2.  Support ongoing clean energy innovation at the Department of Energy. 

3.  Continue to push for a clean energy military.  No organization can accelerate innovation and adoption like the US military.  Not disregarding the molten flaws of the military-industrial complex, just saying it would be something positive to come from that machine.

4.  Renew the federal Wind Production Tax Credit.  Wait, that happened.  Excellent! 

5.  Build the necessary infrastructure to support new sources of electricity.

Remember, clean energy is a business not a cause. 

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