Friday, January 4, 2013

Pollution as Sin

Religious leaders are taking a longer look at the connection between spirituality and nature, according to the New York Times.  It's been stirring for awhile in various faiths and manifestations but the more the merrier.

I call nature my church because it's where I find replenishment, and feel connected to something much bigger than myself.  The ocean blue or the mountains and the forest.  There's no denying it's power, and I'd go as far to call it transcending.

If religious people begin to think about nature in that way, or as something precious created by God, the motivation to protect and respect grows.

It even appears that one spiritual leader of the millions of Orthodox Christians in the world is considering deeming pollution a sin.  Sure, and why not? 

It is possible to sin against people via pollution, especially if that pollution kills.  Maybe you can also sin by harming the wilds with pollution, or as some religious people refer to it -- the Creation.  The discussion alone is exciting and thrilling, and perhaps nearly a new frontier in environmental stewardship. 

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