Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Students Seek Clean Energy

Spread the good news and the new technology.  One university sees a huge jump in students seeking a clean energy future for themselves and the world.  The trend is real as students see the writing on the wall.  The reasons are a healthy mix of economic, environmental, and simple opportunity.

“Students are worried about their energy future and they see this as a way to make it more secure. They feel very passionate about the environment. They’re seeing a new technology out there, a new burgeoning field that they want to get in on,” according to Jim Menart, director of Wright State University’s renewable and clean energy master’s degree program, in the Dayton Daily News.

By one estimate, as many as 40 million Americans could be working in renewable energy and energy efficiency by 2030, according to a report, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Economic Drivers for the 21st Century.

Clean energy is the future -- we just need to pick up the pace. 

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